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Performance Recorded Lleyn Breeders (PRLB) is a group of progressive sheep farmers covering the UK that evolved from the Lleyn Sire Reference Group, which was established in the 1970’s, to increase profitability of Lleyn flocks by accelerating the rate of genetic gain through performance recording.

The Group has similar, but broader aims and objectives :-

* To continue to use and promote performance recording as a tool to improve net margins.

* To invite all Lleyn breeders who are currently recording with Signet to join the group.

* To encourage non recording flocks to consider recording.

* To encourage the movement of genetic material between flocks (rams, semen, embryos) to improve linkage and hence the accuracy of EBVs.

* To establish a recognized and respected link between Signet and recorded Lleyn breeders.

* To create a point of contact, and to provide help, advice and encouragement for all PRLB members, and particularly for any breeders considering recording or breeders simply keen to support performance recording

* To become involved with research projects that will in the long term boost profitability for the commercial sheep farmer through improved genetics and performance.

For further details please contact the Chairman: Richard Evans on 01953717258 or the Secretary Kate Phillips 07914 760682  or E-mail: prlb1@outlook.com

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